Family law

A family lawyer, just as a family doctor, can not only “treat” the sudden or complex legal problems but also help to deal with situations which require a lot of legal knowledge.
A family lawyer’s job goes hand in hand with the confidentiality, as well as understanding the problem and human complexities. After all, everyone goes through different kinds of situations, so it is important to be able to rely on a lawyer in the face of difficulties or when legal advice is needed.

Consulting and representing clients’ interests in the following areas of law:

- Terms of marriage: premarital or prenuptial agreements.
- Property division.
- United matrimonial property division. Spousal separation.
- Divorce by mutual consent, at the request of one spouse or by fault of one of them.
- Disputes relating to children and identification of their place of residence.
- Fatherhood disputes.
- The adoption process.
- The rights to inheritance.
- Wills.
- Your representation in court (hearings).

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