Business law

Business leaders know that it is better to prevent problems than solve them.
A partner in the legal field provides an opportunity not only to hedge against unfair contracts and suspicious transactions but cancel unfavorable contracts signed several years ago or change their conditions.
I am convinced that the immersion of the specific business requirements is the foundation for the smooth daily work and quick solving of the problem, and professionalism, confidentiality and trust create a strong partnership.

Consulting and representing clients’ interests in the following legal areas:

- Establishment of the company (JSC, etc.)
- Debt recovery, methods of solution.
- Announcement of enterprise bankruptcy and restructuring. Buying and selling shares.
- Relationship with banks and dispute resolution.
- Arbitration.
- Acquisition of real property and land. Disputes over property.
- The debate of the seizure. Disputes over construction rights.
- Disputes concerning violations of quality standards.
- Disputes relating to public procurement tenders. Tax Disputes.
- Disputes over copyright infringement.
- The contracts (loans, credits, freight forwarding, partnership

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